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  Moving to the U.S. from South Korea, my life changed vastly; language, family, friends, school, neighborhood and culture were all replaced with something new and unfamiliar. The body of my work represents the transition of my psychological state from the old environment to the new. My goal as an artist is to embrace this inner transformation by translating my own experiences as an explorer into three-dimensional objects.

  By manipulating the imagery of breaking through the shells that surround us and peeling away the layers of our fears, my works reveal the narratives that the wearers have been afraid to share with one another. I use precious metal, sometimes hidden beneath the thin layers of flexible materials, to elevate the work’s value and represent the wearer’s inner worth. The curvilinear and sweeping gestures of the work mirrors the wearer’s psychological transformation. Through my works, I hope that those who are exploring a new stage of their life, as I am, or undergoing a new challenge can believe in themselves, share their stories and inspire each other.

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